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The Complete Lear Nonsense Alphabets

The Complete Lear Nonsense Alphabets Rod Paton read more

Cortijo Romero is open again!

Cortijo Romero is open again! read more

Beat It Percussion Research Contacts Sought

Beat It Percussion Research Contacts Sought read more

SOS from Cortijo Romero - Please Help!

SOS from Cortijo Romero - Please Help! read more

The Harmony Of Verticality

Our body is made of curves. Their harmonious sequence maintains our verticality and supports our drive towards self back stretching. If we observe these curves, we can see how dynamic our structure is. In other words, our bodies are incredibly vibrant, like the string of a musical instrument. read more


Way back in the 1970s I was a fine art student at Reading University and later at the Slade. I was fortunate indeed to have a number of great tutors, but the one outstanding influence on me was Keith Critchlow. His lectures on sacred geometry were a marvel and a great source of inspiration to several of my contemporaries as well as myself. read more

The Complete Lear Nonsense Alphabets

Vocal settings of one of Edward Lear's brilliant cycles of Nonsense Alphabets comprising 15 rounds in 2-8 parts plus assorted chants and ditties (even a vocal fugue). For singing groups and choirs of all styles and persuasions. read more

Bethany Drage - Research into Sound Bath Experiences

I am looking for participants who have taken part in a live sound bath to complete an online questionnaire. It is my third-year dissertation project, and I would greatly appreciate the help. The dissertation is centred around personal experiences from a live sound bath. read more

Brexit: The Hidden Cost To Soundworkers

At the end of 2020 a deal was done with the EU; a very poor, light-weight deal. Whether you are a Leaver or Remainer you will probably be thinking that this outcome was not what I was expecting when the result of the referendum was announced in 2016. read more

Singing No More Risky for COVID Than Talking, New Study Says

The performing arts has been badly affected during the coronavirus pandemic with live musical performances canceled for many months because singing was identified as a potential "higher risk" activity, but new research shows that singing does not produce more respiratory particles than when speakingat a similar volume. read more

Don’t be afraid to Sing! It is your own vibrational healing.

As a singing teacher, I understand that there are many different reasons why people want to sing. They want to find out if they have a voice. Can they sing in tune? Will it give them more self-confidence? Can it improve their asthma? Can it help them give up smoking? They just want to sing in the bathroom. read more

Expanding our Roles with Music & Sound in the Age of Covid and Climate

What a lovely two hours was spent today in the first SW21 Zoom Gathering with 50 therapeutically-trained musicians and others. We began the exploration of what it means to expand self-limiting definitions of who we are as musicians? read more

Our Culture is the Patient

Forward! There is no going back because collectively we have all shifted, peri-Covid. Isolation has become a psychological by-product of these times. Politicization has undermined the best of science. read more

One Step Back. Two Steps Ahead

As a freelance percussionist my life has been filled with travel and many types ofwonderful performance opportunities. From chamber music to experiments to improvisation,theatre, dance and solo works, I have had the great privilege of working with communities ofperformers and composers in very inspired social settings. One would say that going ‘online’ is astep backwards in comparison with the experience of live music and they would be right.Many percussionists get into the electronic side of th read more

Zoom 5.2.2 - Better Sound Quality

Musicians who have been using Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms for sessions, rehearsals, and performances since the coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year have struggled against an aud read more

Playing & Singing Together Remotely (That Latency Thing)

Along with many other forms of human interaction, live musical collaboration has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Widespread quarantining and social distancing essentially suspended performances that require precise timing among multiple players – everything from classical symphonies and choir ensembles to jazz quartets and rock bands. read more


Sound Travels Sound Forum, in common with other websites, is a platform to enable its Authors to submit Posts &amp Events. Posts and articles remain the property of the Author. As an enabling platform read more

Sounds of Nature

Through interacting with the sounds of nature, we can commune with the universe. This feeling drew me to the realm of sound healing. Years ago, moving slowly through a city park each evening, the amalgamation of sound frequencies offered by the wind blowing through the leaves of the many trees seemed to bring my body into a relaxed and vital state, while carrying my mind to a space of oneness. read more


Dear Andrew, Thank you for the articulate post of May 30, 2020 - COVID CONFUSION: FINDING A WAY THROUGH? "It's like trying to complete a jigsaw without a picture on the box.” Recently, like so many, I witnessed profound contradictions: A billionaire’s spaceship brilliantly launched while Corona mask-clad protesters burned police cars all over America. Another sad day for us all. read more

Covid Confusion - Finding A Way Through? ANDREW HODGES

Covid Confusion - Finding A Way Through read more


Let the wings of sounds & music take you each day on a soul journey, for free… Each day at the end of December 2020 an international artist will be honored and will offer a preview of his/her music, sounds and messages inspired by Harmony, Love and Care to the world! read more

Sacred Drumming: Our Strange New Journey

These are strange, wonderful and powerful times. It is all change our end as I am sure it is with everyone else. read more

Moving Forward… What’s Called For and Needed?

I began social distancing March 7th. I know we all have unique circumstances and challenges. For me, even while living in S. Oregon - which is pretty much out of the fray - it still took about a month to assemble ground beneath my feet, or at least to have a workable day living with uncertainty read more

My Journey

My journey within the gong industry helped me to see a clear linebetween Gong Mastery and learning to play the gong artfully withdifferent strokes and mallets, and Gong Sound Healing and howconsciousness effects the healing process.The distinction is very much the difference between a masculineapproach with gong mastery and a feminine approach with gonghealing. read more

Is Music Important to Your Health and Wellbeing?

A call out to passionate music people to help us to find out more. Take part in research in collaboration with Deezer, the Global music streaming service read more

How To Authentically Record The Sound of a Gong Part.1

A lot of people have been asking how they might capture the sound of a gong to share the sonic magic with people who aren’t physically with them. Needless to say, one cannot compare a live, in-person sound bath with a digital experience. read more

Project Global Sound is Getting Exciting!

A project to unite the world in therapeutic sound and music read more

Perfect Pitch

Article discussing how perfect pitch can function read more

Sound Health

In theory, we all strive for Sound Health; this is of course, especially true as we advance in years. Sadly our free health service has, in the name of respecting scientific outcomes not allowed itself to change enough with the time. read more

New Website:

I am delighted to celebrate this new creative cycle of my life with a new website, highlighting and celebrating my musical life across the last three decades; as well as opening the door wider on the transforming power of sound to generate, re-awaken and restore compassion on planet Earth in the 21st century. read more

How can sound and music help mental health?

Lyz Cooper, founder of The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) talks about her experience and shares her research on how to use sound and music to not only improve health and wellbeing, but to help prevent illness in the first place. read more

Tuning the Human Body

Before playing any composition, musicians tune their instruments carefully because they know that such a precise process ensures a high quality of music. Human tuning The human body is th read more

Our Dementia Choir With Vicky McClure

Our Dementia Choir With Vicky McClure read more

The Gong Journey

Gong work read more

Music Does Not Exist

Music unlike Art produces nothing concrete. I accept that it creates MP3s, CDs and other forms of re-playable media. What I mean is that Art mostly produces some kind of object, a painting, a carving, a sculpture. Musical creations disappear the moment they are heard. Musical creations are functions of mind's ability to make connections between past, present and future in the form of sounds. But what exists is only those vibrations which exist at that moment. In this sense music only exists, if read more

Somnus X - Research into improving sleep a success

45% felt they got a better nights sleep after listening to Somnus X read more

Of Whales and Trees

There is an ancient Maori legend I&rsquove heard of while living in Aotearoa (New Zealand), about a special connection between the mighty Kauri tree and the Paraoa (sperm whale). Thousands of years read more

Mastering Chaos: "Entrainment"

We often talk about people blissfully living in their 'bubble'. We talk about politicians living in their bubble of reality not necessarily aware of the lives of others. We run the risk of becoming entrained by our own 'bubbles'. Before you choose to believe that you don't have your own bubble just be aware that the likes of Google and Facebook know about your bubble. They like to feed your 'bubble'. They think they know what you like. read more


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NEW YORK - Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing

read more

GLOUCESTER - Sound Healing for Mental Health & Relaxation

read more

Learn to Play the Gong - A Comprehensive Online Workshop

read more


read more

IOWA - Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

read more

MELBOURNE - Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing: 8 Sessions of Live Online Workshops PLUS 1 Day Optional In-Person Workshop (Melbourne, Australia)

read more


read more

Learn to Play the Gong - A Comprehensive Online Workshop

read more

ANDALUSIA - Start the new year 2022 with amazing energy - Peter Hess ® Sound Massage Intensive Course

read more

KATOOMBA - Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing: 4 Days (Katoomba, Australia)

read more

IOWA - Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing: 3 Sessions Live Online

read more

Learn to Play the Gong - A Comprehensive Online Workshop

read more

Learn to Play the Gong - A Comprehensive Online Workshop

read more

GLASTONBURY - Winter Deep Rest Retreat

read more

GLASGOW - Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls (Glasgow, UK)

read more

OXFORDSHIRE - Gong Sound Bath

read more

DUBLIN - Sound Healing with Voice

read more

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