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Your Healing Voice - The benefits of singing for health and wellbeing - Lyz Cooper

The benefits of singing have long been documented – we know it feels good to sing, but what actually happens to our bodies when we sing? In this paper, we will discover how and why singing can be so beneficial to our overall health and well-being. read more

Find Your Voice - Free Your Soul

Calling all UK singers, music medicine healers, lovers of sound in the Stroud, Nailsworth and surrounding areas! read more

Sound Wisdom Retreat

Join Chloe Goodchild for an in-depth retreat, 1-5 June 2022 read more

Living Presence - A Community of Sound

We invite you to co-create this sonorous, pioneering, collaborative, deep listening field: Living Presence – A Community of Sound. read more


Techniques for Singers read more

Vocal Revolution Zoomcast Ep 9 - The Inclusive Voice with Naveen Arles

The Inclusive Voice - how singing and voice work can support personal and social wellbeing, justice and equality. read more

The Healing Voice Diploma Training

Two Week Intensive Residential at The Dome Center in Spain read more

Vocal Revolution Zoomcast Ep 8 - The Voice of Loss with Steph Turner

Steph shares her reflections on how sharing and expressing our grief and loss creatively can be transformative. read more

Don’t be afraid to Sing! It is your own vibrational healing.

As a singing teacher, I understand that there are many different reasons why people want to sing. They want to find out if they have a voice. Can they sing in tune? Will it give them more self-confidence? Can it improve their asthma? Can it help them give up smoking? They just want to sing in the bathroom. read more

"Free your Voice, Heal your Life" book with CD by Michele Averard

Re-edition of this successful book by Michele Averard read more

Rewild your voice

Set aside conventional images about what singing is. Forget sheet music and remember the rhythm of your heartbeat. Leave churches and concert-halls. Lay down commercialized music. Now, stand in the centre of the music that sings your life into existence. This is the beginning of a whole new way of singing. Start with your voice, your music, your life – you are allowed to sing it! read more

Songkeeper News

Annoucement of Book Musical and Passing the Baton on Earth Day-Sing for the Trees read more

The Healing Power of Your Voice

Thehealing power of your voice Whenit comes to Sound Therapy, it is always important to remember that weare born with our own in-built sound device: our own voice! Manyof the effects we ca read more

New Online Course with Chloe Goodchild

Your Vocal Impulse Advanced Practicum: Shifting into a New Octave of Consciousness Through Voice & Sound read more

New Website:

I am delighted to celebrate this new creative cycle of my life with a new website, highlighting and celebrating my musical life across the last three decades; as well as opening the door wider on the transforming power of sound to generate, re-awaken and restore compassion on planet Earth in the 21st century. read more

Using Your Voice to Transform Your Life

Lyz Cooper's latest blog post read more

Songwriting for Healing and Transformation

Singing and songwriting has been a deep and wondrous passion of mine for most of my life. It haslead me on many adventures, through the dizzying heights of pop success in the 90&rsquos;, to discovering read more

New From Susan Hale

Ive been a bit quiet on Sound Forum the last several years. What with immigrating to a new country and learning to drive I havent been as much in the public eye. During the past several years I ha read more

Dream Song

Dear Friend Dream Song Enter May - month of merrymaking, maypoles and magic - with swathes of billowing blossom and gorgeous greenery. The abundance of natural beauty and lengthe read more

The Naked Voice Is Published!

&ldquoChlo&euml Goodchild has written a book that is a major contribution to our understanding of the power of sound and music. - Barbara J. Crowe The Naked Voice - Transform Your Life through the Po read more

Why We Dont & How We Can Love Our Voices

Why We Don&rsquot &amp How We Can Love Our Voices Dear Friend Last month, I had the pleasure of singing with many wonderful people in celebration of World Voice Day. One thing that came up in the dis read more


Hi everyone Just letting you know that the album is now out and available as a CD or download from my website. You can also hear preview clips of the songs. People are finding it beautiful, peaceful read more

HeartFlame/Global Love Day & 900 Voices

Hi everyone! We have had fascinating shifts this first quarter of the year and I would like to announce the wonderful projects I have been working on and involved with:- read more

Raising voices - for confidence, wellbeing and fun

Singing &ndash especially in social contexts such as a choir orvoice workshop &ndash is excellent for boosting the immune system. What&rsquos; more, the health benefits are notaffected by how good or read more


Find Your Voice - Transform Your Life In this time of global transformation, many of us who are living in relative safety may feel that we are powerless to respond to the prevailing chaos and shockin read more


As humans, we are full of space. We are more bound together by the gaps between our molecules than the fibres which surround them. This is not something we find easy to remember when we are full of read more

Open your heart and sing

A workshop with Ida Kelarova Cornwall will soon see the return of Ida Kelarova, the renowned Roma singer. In a collaboration with Shakti Tantra, Ida will facilitate a singing workshop in St Just, read more

Singing-Its a No Brainer

Singing is very simple and easy. IT&rsquoS TRUE. It really is a no brainer, so to speak. I have been singing professionally for 25 years and have been a singing teacher for the last 9 years, running m read more

The Therapeutic Voice

The Therapeutic Voice One of the great honours of my work is sharing sound with holistic professionals at organisations such as forthcoming courses at the Holistic Healing College and the College o read more

Honing All of Our Senses Through Listening

Listening is the cornerstone, the starting place and ending place for all of my voice offerings. I know this in my bones, the practices I teach support it, and still this truth keeps revealing itself read more

Hear Me Roar!

? Hear Me Roar!! As a Leo I have learnt to love my Roar and I am finding that more and more people around me are roaring too. In Turkey the people stood up and roared when the government attempt read more

Super Sonic Summer Solstice Mantra Gift

Super Sonic Summer Solstice As we celebrate the longest, brightest days, take a moment to connect with your biggest, boldest vision for your life - what would it look like for you to be operating a read more

Sound, Voice and Vibration

Close to 30 years of experience of listening to, learning, singing and teaching Georgian songs have brought me many insights regarding the workings of the human voice and the roles of sound and vibrat read more

Your Songs Vibration

Amazingly, when there is a shift to understand in singingand I am working with voice, subtle observations and insights always come tothe fore. All those that want to sing when first coming to it, usu read more

5 Steps to a More Songful You

January Blog - 5 Steps to a More Songful You in 2013 So this New Year, I&rsquove decided to create some new resources to empower singers. I&rsquom really excited about sharing the richness that si read more

"13 Steps to Free your Healing Voice": New Book by Michele Averard 13 Steps to Free your Healing Voice with CD of exercises, is now available in English as a downl read more

What is Vocal Tai Chi?

Moving voice between earth and heaven.... Vocal Tai Chi helps you work towards singing your souls music - in the moment - at the microphone - for all to hear... YES! Sounds scary? Not when you read more

Sing & Dowse the land Sat 5 May, 3pm

On Saturday 5 May at 3pm Danu Fox has invited a nationwide simultaneous singing and dowsing of our Mary &amp Michael ley lines, which stretch from the coasts of Cornwall to Norfolk. People in other pa read more

The Ultimate VoiceHealing - Healing the Voice

As a sound healing and voice healing practitioner, I have always been amazed at the power of sound and its ability to heal the body and soul. After successful clinical practice I moved into the world read more

The Fine Art of Vocal Toning

Vocal toning has been around a long time. Many of you reading this article have probably toned at least once before in groups. I first learned toning in 1974 in a psychology class in northern Californ read more

Make some Noise!

Sound is probably one of the most profound catalysts for change we have available to us. As many of you know, everything inside us and outside us is vibration. An exquisite tapestry of divinely-organi read more

L_ve Y_ur V_ice in 2012

L?ve Y?ur V?ice in 2012 I have just discovered that the word Free has its roots in the words for Friend, Lover and Beloved. So to free something is to love it. So if we wish to liberate our voic read more

Medicine Melodies; Emotional Magic and Music

In the Universe, everything sings: plants, animals, waterfalls, bones, people, the stars, the rain, and many things we don&rsquot see even silence makes a sound. Every spiritual tradition of the world read more

When the Music Changes, You Change too

(Voxmundiproject&copy,2011) Sound is in the basis of all existence and expresses the relationship between human and cosmic orders. Our ancestors valued sound and music as medicinal, magical, and myst read more


Using our voices has always been the key to healing and transformation in traditional cultures, and was a major contribution to a healthy community in our own &ndash until we stopped. Having pioneer read more

Creating Beautiful Harmony via the Humble Canon

For groups of singers, experienced or not, the humble canonis an ideal way into harmony singing. Though very simple, it&rsquos; still an interesting musical structure. Its simplest and most accessible read more

Echoes of the Ancestors Life, Death and Transition - Georgian traditional polyphony by Madge Bray

This article is provided courtesy of Caduceus Magazine ( In the crisp mountain sunshine of the mountain valley I can hear faint echoes of ancient harmonies carried on the win read more

Vocal Toning - VIDEO

read more

Food Vibration & Voice

EXTRACT From my e-book Voice of The Universal Heart Section 2 E-motions &copyHilary Canto If we take the mechanical structure we are born with i.e. physical /muscular frame and capability, ear struct read more

Sound Evolution

Sound Evolution - Our New Website This Autumn season heralds a transition for The Naked Voice to a new cycle of life. We are presently in the final stages of creating our forthcoming website to be cal read more

Can you sing your way out of the festive blues? How therapists are using the power of song to cure depression

Chloe Goodchild is interviewed by Flik Everett of the UKs Daily Mail. For thousands of reality-show hopefuls, singing is the only path to fame and fortune. For most of us, musical expression is read more

Mastering Listening & Pitching

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Mastering Listening & Pitching

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Mastering Listening & Pitching

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Singing is one of the ultimate &ldquobe here now&rdquo activities and sound is the first sense we develop in the womb, says world renowned baby doctor Prof Sir Robert Winston. Hearing our mother&rsqu read more

The Colours We Sing

INTRODUCTION It is sometimes believed that all thought and matter are vibrations at different levels and as such, are in relationship with each other. There are billions, trillions, inconceivable n read more

Singing through Toning I decided not to write a long article as I usually do! Here are my videos on you tube demonstrating the essence of my teaching voice for performance singing read more

Practical Voice Sessions

Awareness of our expression, and the ongoing re-connection with our body, our stillness, and our gentleness, is vitally important. Here are two practical examples.EVERYONE IS BORN WITH A BEAUTIFUL read more

The Singing Fields of London: A One Year Choral Training - Spring 2011-2012

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver Visualise the following: A unique meeting place, a sanctuary of stillness, sound &amp song in the heart of London. Everyone read more

Singing the Michael and Mary Lines in Avebury

All over the earth, like stars mirrored on the land, sacred sites resonate cosmic powers, forces that call us to enter into a deeper relationship with ourselves and the world around us.There are ley l read more

Are you Screaming Inside?

Are you screaming inside? By Lyz Cooper From screams of pleasure at being turned upside down at the fairground to screams of terror (possibly at the same thing!) most of us at some time have let read more


The new scientific research, by psychologists Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert of Harvard University, published in the November issue of Science has found that people spend 46.9% of read more

Mindfulness & Community through Song

In this age of busy-ness, anxiety and stress, song can be a wonderful vehicle for mindfulness, for staying in the moment. The human voice has been used for millennia to calm the mind and to take us t read more

Singers, heal thyselves!

Singers, heal thyselves! Energetically we are all beings of vibration. The voice gives us a chance to vibrate ourselves and others into a more balanced and harmonious state. During my Aura-Soma colo read more

The Inner Landscape of the Voice in Therapy

Over the years I have helped many people find and free their voices. As a music therapist I have witnessed women who have been silenced by abuse. This excerpt of a private session, used with permissio read more

Preview of "Walk With Your Heart"

&ldquoThis album was made possible by a great collaboration. From the firstwriting of the songs to the completion of the recording was a three-yearprocess, in which, through the guidance of Serge, a read more

Ancient Voices

Ancient Voices “Humming and singing, she shaped them. Humming and singing, Placed them where they belonged. This was how the directions came to be. How the seasons came to be.” Paula Gunn All read more

Clearing Emotions

Sound Healing is widely known for being linked to drums, singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and other paraphernalia, but is it possible that we are ignoring the most obvious source of sound, the huma read more

Spazio Sacro Suono Sacro

To her Italian fans, Susan has an announcement: Her book is now available in Italian through Editioni Mediterranae Spazio Sacro Suono Sacro:I Misteri Acustici Dei Luoghi Sacri Price: 24,90 Euros O read more

An insight into Sound Living - An Interview with Chris James

What was a little Chris dreaming of as a boy? Where I came from had 7 &ldquo of rain a year and there was one hill in about 400 sq miles. I dreamt of hills and green valleys. I now live in northern N read more

The voice of the heart, personal growth, the meaning of life and Divine Love

Many people ask the questions &ldquoWhat does it all mean?&rdquo and &ldquoWhat is the meaning or purpose of life?&rdquo We seem to have this inner desire to know who we are, what we are and where we read more

Freeing The Passion

After several years in the healing sector, I began to notice many people in workshops arriving lacking passion. They were seeking their spirituality and truth, but they were losing spark and energy in read more

Harmony in the Community - The Joy of Singing Together

Imagine a feeling of harmony, a sense of oneness with those around you, and, at the same time experiencing a lovely, gentle, sense of yourself, in fact a real connection with both yourself and your co read more

Discover Your Voice & Soul

Your voice is your soul in sound! It is unique to you and your resonance holds the key to developing your confidence, personal power, self esteem, ability to heal and transform your own life and the l read more


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GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Your Sovereign Voice: Embody & Express Your Signature Sound (Weekend Retreat)

read more

OXFORD - SOL SONG-Voice weekend

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